IPTV Series

IPTVOur IPTV Series of hybrid, high definition set-top boxes features robust, proven, award winning products that are successfully deployed in millions of homes.

Offering a wide variety of interactive services, such as Internet portals, over-the-top services, and Video-On-Demand, these platforms act as stand alone or multi-room client/server devices which allow secured sharing of multi-media content throughout the home with computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles etc.

These platforms also offer flexible solutions for DVR functionality such as Recording, Pause-TV and Time-Shift, with include either external USB sticks, or fully integrated, high capacity HDDs.

The superior consumer user experience is brought by CarboTM, ADB’s multi-awarded user interface.

Seamlessly providing access to IPTV, Terrestrial and/or Satellite & Internet Services, five models are available: the ADB-2721W and 2721WX receivers, the ADB-2850ST Satellite/Terrestrial receiver, the ADB-3721WN, and the ADB-5721WNX DVR

Key Features

  • Fast, easy, multi-awarded CarboTM user experience
  • Advanced interactivity with HTML5 based OTT services
  • Recording, Pause TV, Time-shift via either external USD stick, or integrated HDD
  • Multi-room client/server configurations
  • The ADB-5720SX can be operated from an iOS, Android or Microsoft tablet

Key Benefits

  • Proven, award-winning platforms already deployed in millions of homes
  • Future proof platforms that are easily expandable via live software upgrades
  • Flexible range of solutions for DVR functionality
  • Open standards platforms that support a wide range of existing and future applications
  • The rich functionality of the Carbo DVR platform can be enabled or disabled by the Operator using the remote on/off switch feature available from ADB’s Systems software suite